Healthy Valentine’s Day Ideas

Healthy Valentine’s Day Ideas

Alternatives to Keep Valentine's Day Sweet!

Having made a point of never celebrating Valentine’s day, it is ironic my first child was born on this day.  After years of avoiding the holiday, February 14th is now one of my biggest celebrations of the year - the day I became a mother.  This was seven years ago and since embracing Valentine’s Day, I have endless reasons to make and buy sweet treats for the occasion (and a convenient excuse for derailing New Year’s intentions). 


By the first week of January stores are stocked with limitless supplies of chocolate, Sweethearts, and more chocolate.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with enjoying these treats, but with the sheer quantity of candy pushed out each holiday, it’s all-too easy to indulge a bit more than necessary.  Do I dare mention the ingredients lists printed on most Valentine’s Day products?


So here are a few ideas from our Kaia FIT Lafayette community for a healthier Valentine’s Day - treats, activities, and sentimental mementos – perfect for the child and adult alike.



  1. Watermelon Heart Pops:  Slice your watermelon into 1” pieces, take a heart shaped cookie cutter and create hearts.  Add a popsicle stick and you’ve created an easy crowd pleaser.
  2. Date Balls:  So many recipes online, here is one of my favorites.
  3. Oven Dried Strawberries:  Slice strawberries in half and lay seed side down on a parchment lined baking sheet. Bake on the lowest setting in your oven (180-200 degrees) for about 4 hours - flip after two hours and watch for the last two hours.
  4. Dark Chocolate Almond Clusters:  OK, OK, we do need some chocolate treats.  Roast raw almonds until fragrant on a dry skillet or in the oven.  Melt dark chocolate chips (stove or microwave), add nuts, and mix.  Portion tablespoon sized clusters on a silicone baking sheet & sprinkle with sea salt. 
  5. Snack Gift Basket:  Protein powders, fruit, bars that are low sugar, mints, nuts, dried fruits, tea.
  6. Healthy Chocolate Dip: Good on apples, pears, bananas, pancakes w/strawberries…. 


  1. Cooking Class:  A fun date alternative instead of going to a restaurant.
  2. Sunset Hike or Stroll:  Weather dependent of course.
  3. Physical Activity Outing:  As a date or with your family.  Climbing, ice skating, ninja/parkour gym, go-kart racing, indoor skydiving, dancing, yoga.  Something active that may be new to you.  Think of stepping outside your comfort zone and having fun while doing it.
  4. Volunteer:  As a date or with your family.  Anytime is a good time to give back.
  5. Wrestling:  Under the sheets :) Fun fact: 45 minutes burns an average of 216 calories, depending on rigor.


  1. Love Box:  Hand-write on a small piece of paper all the things you love about a certain someone.  Fold in half and place in a heart shaped box or homemade container.  Each day for the month of February your special someone can pull one from the box to remind them all the things you love about them.
  2. Daily Love Message:  Place a big decorated heart on a kids’ bedroom door or lovers bathroom mirror and tape on it a message of love every day for the month of February.
  3. Date Night Jar:  Decorate the outside of a mason jar and write a different date idea on a colored popsicle stick to fill the jar.  
  4. Old Photo:  Present to your partner a long-forgotten photo of the two you when you first fell in love; a creative presentation goes a long way.


Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day from our Kaia FIT Lafayette Community!  

Coach Christine

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