Spooky Stuff!

Halloween Workout Ideas

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Halloween is a great day to get a spooky good workout in! It can be a stressful day for some, so why not burn off some calories, and gain some endorphins! This Halloween-esque workout will get your heart pumping and the sweat pouring. Grab a friend, a relative or a Kaia sister or all the above, and get this workout done in a park, a backyard, or in your home! You will need a yoga mat, a set of dumbbells, water and a pumpkin (a kettle bell or handbag will also work). Have a blast getting your sweat on!


What's the Deal?

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Hear from our founder, Nikki Warren, on the benefits of Ashwagandha!

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Please be sure to consult with your doctor prior to adding any supplements to your diet. 

🍂FALL Back Into Routines

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Routines? What is that…with COVID and all its changes I think the hardest part for myself and many of us included was to stick to a “routine”….With so many changes it was hard to find that rhythm that us humans love so much.

Work schedules, school schedules and just plain life in general has thrown a curve ball at all of us. This makes it even harder to find our sense of normal. So how can we do this? And get our fitness routines back into our schedules?

Disconnect to Connect

Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World

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We are social beings. Friendship and relationships make us happier, healthier and able to deal with life’s setbacks more effectively.


Research shows we are designed to thrive in groups. Early humans wouldn’t survive without the protection of others and the ability to gather food and create communities.


Although times have changed, we as humans still require relationships to thrive. As the influence of the digital world increases, our happiness decreases.

Grab N' Go Breakfast

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Sometimes waking up to start a new week on a Monday morning can feel a little rushed. We've certainly been there! But over the years we've discovered that a little planning ahead of time can turn the weekday-morning hustle into something a little less stressful.  Let's make the start of your weekday into something you actually look forward to!